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Chariots of Gods

It is not always that  only pilgrims go to the abodes of gods to gain darshan.  Sometimes, the gods come out for fresh air and take a walkabout, dispensing  free darshan . And then they need their vehicles . The choice is vast and varied. The Rathas are always there, like moving shrines, but the gods are still enclosed. Whats an outing without feeling the breeze on your face ! Better to get on the back of an obliging animal (or a human or an hybrid ) and ride  in style !
Here's a  small selection :
                                           Venugoplaswami Temple, Devanahalli Fort

                                                 Lakshmikantha Temple, Kalale

                               Ravana as Vahana in   Naganatheshwara Temple, Begur

Gangammana Gudi, Nallur ( Above and below)
                                  Begur, again : Nandi, Gaja and Gau

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Arun Visweswaran said...

Now I know what you had kept back the Ravana vahanam for.