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The Sultan's retreat

TIPU's SUMMER PALACE , Fort, Bangalore

The first impression : Its so modest, for a royal retreat !
Designed somewhat like the Dariya Daulat palace in Srirangapatna , this one is smaller, has fewer rooms and fewer decoration.
Flooring is simple grey stone, no fancy mosaics.

The mouldings of the pillar capitals  looks elegant , reminding of some central Asian  structure , can't  put my finger on it.

The best feature here is the mural art. The colour scheme and floral designs are exquisite . But sadly, peeling, chipped and marred by graffiti .


Pictures ( modern replicas and prints  of  old engravings ) from the time of Tipu are exhibited in the ground floor , along with some Tipu memorabilia, including a rocket . Ofcourse there's a replica of that mauling Tiger toy too ! The  picture of the famous throne is an eyeful . Reportedly, the Brits broke up this magnificent artefact and sold it off  by  bits and pieces as it was deemed too expensive for one person to buy !
An old marble tablet, embedded high up a wall,  informs : " This palace was commenced by Nawab Haidar Ali Khan  1781 completed by Tippoo Sultan 1791 "

The archeology department has placed a Ganesha statue , probably found in the fort area, in the garden and it sticks out like an oddity here.
Just across the compound wall is the Kote Venkataramana Temple, built by Chikkadevaraya . The Sultans seem to have been good neighbours .

After Tipu's fall, the place served as the  Secretariat office for the Brits for a while . From old engravings it is apparent that the palace was larger . Whatever remains is, mercifully, maintained  reasonably well.

The Fort :
Only the Delhi Gate remains.....and is well taken  care of. 

Ganesha temple, good resting place for the security ! 

The random etchings of unrelated motifs scattered on the huge walls makes one wonder if the fort was  resassembled after its fall......

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