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A village goes upwardly mobile

Madiwala always brings to mind cows and grazing lands. Within one's memory, it lay outside Bangalore city , a busy little village  on the banks  of a large lake, growing veggies and greens to be sent to the city folk and herding cattle for a milk co-operative.
Very quietly, the little village got adopted by the spreading city into a suburb and went  modern.
Thankfully, the Lake is still there .......and so is a medieval temple to Someshwara.
 Except for the very core cella, the temple has been completely rebuilt for modern usage. The Inscriptions are retained. 
The small ancient cella is jealously protected from camera lenses. It is here that some very interesting bas relief panels can be seen , on the few pillars standing around a beautiful Nandi. One rarity in south indian monuments,  a camel rider, can be seen here. 
The naga stones under the peepal tree make a great visual . As always . Two very ancient looking eroded Devi figures are also kept under the tree. Along with a much later, or modern  Vishnu.

The lake is vast and attracts birds. Good walkway . Nice to see open spaces in a congested city.

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