memories of family outings.....


What the old stones of Bengaluru speak ...

When tired of the chrome and blue glass spires and dreary grey slums, some respite can be had by looking at the old carved stones of Bengaluru Past. How quiet they sit , absorbed and happy in themselves , sentinels of  history and keepers of a sea of stories that has washed around them.
The Big Basava , with that funky  tiara stuck on his head to arrest his growth !
Trying to find inner peace....

Music divine and what if the audience is only the winged kind.
Veerabhadra the Guardian , ever alert. 
( above four : Basavangudi ) 

The Teacher for all ages, all seasons.....Dakshinamurthy.
Bhairava the Fierce, with his hound 

Where is the sixth head, Subramani ? 

The magnificent monolithic Sun Disc. And the detailing, below :

The Drum , that drums up Creation : 
( the five carvings above : Gavipuram ) 
Bhairava of Halasuru 

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