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A patchwork monument , getting new life

15 kms from Mysore on the T.Narsipur Road . 
The ancient Varadarajaswami  Temple is being renovated  by the State Archeology Dept . Work started in 2012 on the dilapidated temple which , by two inscriptions found on the pillars , has been  assigned to 17 th. century . 
The temple is an amalgam of different styles. The facade and porch are vijayanagara  , but four pillars in the central hall are of the distinctive Hoysala  "lathe turned type ".  The outer  corridor, surrounding the temple  bears the unmistakable  Mysore palegar signature . So it seems to have been repaired and extened by many succeeding  caretakers from different dynasties of different times . One peculiar feature is the presence of Jina Murthis in the mantapas of subordinate shrines . The Varakodu -Varuna-Vajamangala expanse was once a thriving Jain center with grand bastis . Material from abandoned or destroyed bastis  have  been used in renovating the Varadaraja temple .
The  present renovation is nearing completion and the temple has been declared a Protected Monument .
It was late evening when we visited and Power Cut had plunged the little hamlet into velvetty darkness . Clicked a few pictures by the mini LED torchlight  of the slightly tipsy Caretaker . 

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Aparna Misra said...

Interesting post and the photographs have an eerie charm