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When ruins come chasing ....

 Have been on ruin-spotting runs so often that ruins have taken a liking to me . And are now spotting me ! 
Returning from Gosayi Ghatta , in Srirangapatna , am virtually ambushed  by a ruin of respectable proportion looming behind  wayside shrubbery   ......Weird ! Dont remember noticing it during any of the many past trips along the same dirt road .

In the failing light of the late evening, the stone and masonry edifice ,built in 18 th Century Mysorean style, looks  forbidding . But explore, one must ! 

The gopuramless entrance is guarded by two small dwarapalakas 

... and watched over by a darkened LintelLakshmi . 
The limeplaster creeper on the cornice shows a few bright leaves highlighted by the surrounding grime . Pretty ! 

The doorway leads to a vast courtyard  with long pillared corridors which end in abrupt collapse . There is no sculpted image of any kind , anywhere . 

The main cella  surmounted by a crumbling vimana ,is severely walled up, allowing no light in . 

The interior is bare, with a few unornamented, well weathered  pillars .
A strong earthy odour of wilted  weeds,  bat droppings and cowdung indicates  long neglect .
.....umm....not .....but suddenly .....
...the feeble  torchlight of the mobilephone picks out two shadowy figures . Life sized stucco figures of Dwarapalakas , on either side of the entrance to the cavernous Garbhagudi, each within his own ornamental avali , much discoloured but miraculously  unbroken  ! Impressive ! 
God knows what tumultous  history they have witnessed , but they still stand proud , diligently guarding a black Void . 
A curious , suspicious  local stops to stare at the unusual  attention the ruin has attracted , but waits cautiously till the mad party has boarded the car to announce that it used to be Rama Devaru temple . 
And he is not too old .

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Aparna Misra said...

Loved the narration of ruins falling in love with you and stalking you all over ...