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My most favorite tickets are from CHINA. Colourful, large, glossy and in a couple of instances, quite unique.

1. This is the ticket to the famous BEIJING ZOO that successfully breeds pandas in captivity.
2. A longish, banner like ticket for The Temple Of Heaven, in Beijing :
3. A laminated card ticket for The Mausoleum of the Qin Emperor, in Xian, which contains the famous army of Terracotta Warriors:
4. Front and back of the Souvenir Card Ticket to Ding Ling Museum , also known as the Thirteen Ming Tombs in ChangPing County.

5. A six inches long ticket for The Forbidden City ( Aka: Palace Museum in Beijing), with coppery gold border.

6. Front and back of the ticket card to Dayan Pagoda, popular as " Big Wild Goose Pagoda" in Xian, Shaanxi province.

7. The ticket to see a portion of The Great Wall, the Badaling section, is in the form of a booklet. The front cover can be detached and sent as a post card ( prepaid) . The middle page carries souvenir postage stamps .The inner back cover contains notes about the Great Wall. The back cover is for ads.


8. This is the ticket for a themed garden called Tang Paradise, in Shaanxi. All the major attractions are illustrated on it.

9. A most unique ticket is issued for Yong He Gong , a Tibetan Buddhist temple popularly called Lama Temple, in Beijing. It is a very small barcoded CD( 8 cms. diameter) , inside a red and yellow envelope. The barcode is read through a window in the envelope and the CD contains a short documentary about the temple ! The documentary can be seen here :

(The ticket envelope and the CD -front and back )


LG said...

wooow..awesome collection of tickets. I loved the last one with CD.

Team G Square said...

Wow ,nice collection . Thanks for sharing it with us....

Rajesh said...

Nice collection.

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Interesting! I always throw tickets away..well most times I do I suppose..this is great!

Salman Salmaan said...

keren koleksi tiketnya..