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"Grass Eaters" on board !

Being Vegetarian adds a unique ,but happy, dimension to travels abroad. Omnivores ,by and large, stick to itineraries worked out beforehand as they can satisfy their bellies with fare from any cafe or kiosk found near their tour trail. Vegetarians have to be explorers. We get to cruise into lanes never mentioned in guide books and see non-touristy humdrum street scenes in our endeavour to locate an address taken from experienced traveler/s.

Had we not hankered after a rice meal for the kids, we'd never have discovered the beautiful Fiesole hill near Florence. Nor had the opportunity to witness a lovely wedding ceremony had we not hunted down a vegetarian serving inn in Denpasar. Nor heard about the plight of Srilankan refugees in Eastern Europe from the horse's mouth had we not gone looking for the rotis advertised in a Dutch handbill. Nor could we have met a colourful , chattering character of Pondicheri-Paris descent who made us dosas in a Roman cellar, but left…