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Going round and round The Round...........

Watched the recently celebrated Thrissur Pooram Festival, comfortably from home. Always a grand pageant with those beautifully caprisoned elephants. The sound of the Panchavadyams and Chenda really set the blood racing. Its a wonder how those elephants keep their calm amidst such loud beats and the cacaphony of the pressing crowds.
And it was such a pleasure to get glimpses of sights remembered from past visits : The lovely facade of Paramekavu Bhagavathy temple. The pretty Thiruvambadi Temple . And The Round. What is Thrissur without The Round !
Thrissur ( "Thiru-siva-perur" ) has a nice, cosy, laid back character though it is home to a gaggle of thriving business enterprises. In the middle of the city is The Round. Or, the city is around The Round. People with spare time go and sit in The Round. People make time to go and sit The Round. It is the heart and nerve centre of the city , just as it was the heart of The Kingdom of Kochi once upon a time. "The Round&…