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TANGKUBAN PERAHU........boiled eggs and a billion year old leaf

Not in my looniest dreams had i imagined that i would some day walk into a live volcano. But i did........I know that sounds like a stretched fantasy yarn. But if revise our perceptions about volcanoes and re-educate ourselves in descriptions, such a claim will not sound so daft after all. In our country volcanoes never figure in normal, perceived geography. They are in text books, fairy tales, sometimes in newspapers, and always evoke the mental association with the image of a perfectly conical mountain,furiously blowing its top in a blaze of red, orange and yellow illumination. Thats the standard "live" volcano ; and it was just such an image that popped in mind's eye when we heard that there was a friendly, neighbourhood "live volcano" about two hours away from where we lived in Sumedang-Bandung, Indonesia. And it being the biggest tourist attraction of the region, we just couldn't give it a miss. It last erupted in 1983 and exhibited some half-h…

HIMAVAD GOPALASWAMI BETTA ...................and lessons in Zen

Nitty-gritty info first: Himavad Gopalaswami Betta is the highest peak in the Bandipur Range. Located in Chamarajanagar Diatrict, on Mysore-Ooty road, about 75 Km, from Mysore. There are strictly adhered to timings for visits into the protected sanctuary. 6AM to 5pm. Overnight stay at hill top is prohibited. A toll is collected at the base of the hill. MERCIFULLY, there are no snack vending shops on the hill.But an ugly sarkari architectured circuit house, which looks abandoned.
Strict instructions to avoid littering of plastic waste are posted near the car park and the temple, but, sadly, some visitors choose to disregard this injunction. I wonder at their sensibilities or lack of it.How can anyone bring himself to throw a wad of garbage into such a heartstoppingly beautiful and pristine lap of nature after going oooh-aaah at the scenic vistas all around ? Sigh !

Himavad .The name says it all. Eternally covered with fog and mist. When the veils of mist shift and sweep away, a grand …

More Pictures of Kelaniya Mahavihara