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Native American Artefacts ...

Oregon Historical Society 

The words Colonisation , Invasion , Conquest , Occupation , Appropriation/annexation , Acquisition, Subjugation and Encroachment are never used in any text in any forum discussing the Original Natives of The Americas . The standard term used to denote the period before influx of europeans  is " Pre-Contact " :  a sanitised , scented and sugar-coated label  fit for public consumption . 

Genocides ?......Denial makes History  cool. 

But at least  they aaved some remnants of the native civilization and made a museum out of them ....a greatly saddening visit . 

Reef woven basket 

Wooden box 
Mask - wood 
A whistle 
Thunderbird mask 
Ceremonial bowl 

Chiklat Robes : making of a beautiful ceremonial robe : 


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