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Of Fairy Tales and Fiesty Cons

Who doesnt like stories of Buried Treasureand Guardian Snakes ?Not that we were into investigative journalism , but just as ruins come chasing  after Ruin-Spotters , Fairy Tales rain upon Collectors  of Rural Gossip.This time , the Ruin ditched me and grabbed my travel mate  instead ,as we drove along a godforsaken stretch of uncultivated land in Tiptur Taluk .....'Look , look' , she spluttered in excitement , ' like Nallur ! '
There it stood, just by the road. A Ruin ! A cuboid stone edifice, topless, doorless , id-less . But , aged . We had to stop . We had to investigate . Because the old stone walls were dressed with some icons in bas relief . 

Other than the Dwarapala pair , the walls, all around , showed some randomly placed  shallow relief carvings of elephants ....elephants ....elephants ....

.....and here and there , some .....indistinct ...whatever . 

Not totally abandoned, it transpired . There were half a dozen workers pottering about behind the cuboid  , worki…