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Lesser known , but no lesser in the Art

NAGALAPURA Part -1 Kedareshwara 
Nagalapura , a three-street sleepy hamlet, with more sheep than people , is the unexpected address of two little Hoysala  gems that are protected by ASI, but visted by few . They stand at either end of the village , open and with no watchmen . 
Kedareshwara and Chennakesava . Both  are small , ekakuta , unfinished and damaged. It is to ASI's credit that the crumbling  structures have been rescued from  ruin and maintained well. They are dated between 12th -13th century, based on the architectural style, there being no inscriptional references to them anywhere .
What is of interest is that the temples have many elements in varying degrees of incompleteness , thus making it possible for us to actually see  the sequence in the process of sculpting :  from the incised "drawing" to basic draft to finished product . 

Kedareshwara is a very small lingam facing  East  , though the main entrance is to the South. A small square opening in the wall faci…